If you want this kind of personal trading help, here is what it takes:

daytrading It is best if you have and already know how to use TradeStation for your charting If you are not using TradeStation, please contact me before you sign-up. TradeTutor@aol.com

daytrading Be willing to study the S&P 500 e-mini Index during or after the day session, or both. Read the written Commentary and review the Video Commentary each trading day after hours. Better yet, attend the Video Commentary recording session and ask questions.

daytrading Have e-mail access via any Internet service provider, for daily communications. All written Commentary is sent as attachments usually with charts included. The written Commentary comes to you as “Word” (.DOC). If you do not have Word for Windows, we can send you a Word Viewer.

daytrading In 2010 we added a Video Commentary, plus we invite all students to attend the Video Commentary recording session so you will be able to see and listen to the discussion regarding the trade entry points, targets, stop placement as well as exits or reversal points. The Video Commentary is posted on the web site within about 3 hours after the close every trading day and you get to ask questions as we go. You will need speakers for listening to the video/audio commentary and other course resources. Once you are active in the course you will receive an invitation to attend the Video Commentary Recording Session each trading day. If you can not attend then you will be able to review the Video Commentary after hours. Many students do this.

We also offer a Video Open Chat Session on-line at least once per week. You should have a headset with microphone on your computer so you can join the conversation (a stand-alone microphone and desktop speakers cause feedback, so you need a headset with microphone is better for all of the participants). This way you can ask questions during the sessions. The Chat sessions are also recorded and posted on the web site so you can go back and review it when you are ready.

daytrading You should be willing to spend time studying the Commentary each day after the close and ask questions via e-mail or via telephone.

We do not give you trades in advance but will alert you to probable/possible price movement for the next day. I am not a Certified Trading Advisor, or a Broker. You will not be pressured to use any services, brokers, etc, however, you will be encouraged to review certain books, and videos. . Because there are so many references beyond the Course Manual, Daily Commentary, On-line Learning Series and Pre-Market Reports that you may find it helpful or necessary to obtain other books. Those books are your responsibility. If we recommend a book or video we always try to show you where you can obtain it at the best price.

Personal Trading Help Is this training for you? This training is designed for traders with less experience or traders who have been Day Trading without the success they expect, and want to benefit from personal mentoring.

One more point, Day Trading is the art and science of entering the market several or even many times a day and taking small profits without having to take huge risk and without leaving your position open over night. If you are willing to work hard and spend the time to learn, you can make a good living Day Trading. If you are willing to trade frequently, then you can earn thousands every day. You can watch me do it and learn from me as we go. We always encourage you to control your risk and we show you how.

Be clear, I am not promising you huge profits or profits at all. I am promising you that we will go over every trading possibility every trading day. We will do our best to point out all the trade formations every trading day. You can learn effective methods of trading and do well. We have many students using our techniques to achieve their financial goals though Day Trading. After you learn the methods and techniques, you will develop your own trading style and trade as often as you see fit while maintaining total control of the risk. All your practice trading is to be done on a trade simulator that is totally Risk Free.

If you need personal attention to overcome a difficulty or to understand a pattern or technique we are here to be your guide, teacher, mentor and coach.

Personal Trading Help Personal Trading Help

Day Trading

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