Signing Up and Getting Started

When you join the program, we plan to begin a few weeks after you receive the Manual. There will be much to read and you will need time to setup charts before getting started. You will not start to receive the current day’s Commentary until you tell me you are ready. No rush. We want you to have the time to get prepared. Getting started really means you have read through the Manual and the past Commentary and you have charts set up. Then you will begin to follow the price action as we have described and start paper trading. Even if you are an experienced S&P Trader treat the beginning of the course as “Batting Practice.” There is no need to hit a home run here... that will come in time.

daytrade the S&P

If you think you are interested but not quite sure, please email us  mail your questions about the course along with your name, phone and fax numbers; your Email address will be on your message. Also, please include an outline of your trading experience, and previous training (courses, seminars, home study programs, etc.) It would also be helpful if you would list the books on commodity trading you have read, what markets you now trade, and what markets you have traded recently. It will also be helpful if you tell us the charting software you use and any spreadsheet software you have available. We will respond and send you some more information that may be helpful to your decision.

daytrading To answer any questions you might have, click on the links here to check out answers to Frequently Asked Questions about the mentoring service, and to see a copy of a typical Commentary. Feel free to call trader/instructor Arthur Ullrich after market hours if you wish to speak personally about any additional questions regarding the course. His contact information is below. It is best to reach him within the first 2 or 3 hours after the market closes, though he is often chatting with students at that time. Or email us a note indicating when you would like to chat... we will do our best to be available to take your call.

We hope to be working with you soon...

Arthur H. Ullrich
The Trading Tutor

Contact: Arthur Ullrich
14212 Alta St.
Westminster, CA 92683
714-898-8471 voice
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