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Student Tuition/Renewal/Order Form

This page links to our secure credit card processing server. Click the appropriate "PAY NOW" button below (or enter the amount to be charged), to continue the process on our SECURE SERVER. If you have questions about your renewal, contact Mike Charness at

    New Student Fee $599.00         
         The system requires something to go in the "company name" block. If you don't have a company name, just enter "TRT" or "none"
    Renewal Fee $335.00         
    Returning Member $670.00         
         for FOUR months (call Arthur)
AU Software Tools $575.00         
         You still must mail the signed order form with acknowledgement. (See the form with Chart Setup Instructions)
Other Amount: $         

Or if you prefer us to enter the information, Click Here to go to our unsecured, manual form which you can fill out and send to us via the website or mail.

Our Privacy Policy Statement: The information you provide on this website is strictly for our use in charging your credit card, mailing you the Course materials, and emails in support of the Course and/or your membership. We do not give away or sell any of your personal information except to the shipping carrier or post office that delivers your materials and the financial institution that processes your credit card transaction. We do not sell or share your information with third parties or other course members.

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