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Arthur Ullrich
Principal Instructor
 Craig Carlson
 Michael Charness

Arthur Ullrich

Arthur Ullrich became interested in trading futures around 1988 and after a year or so of reading and study began to trade in the early 90s with initially disastrous results. He attended many 1-3 day seminars where the “secrets were revealed” with almost no success. After another year of struggle and defeat he found a mentor who began to guide him out of the darkness. His mentor showed him some very simple indicators and pointed out how to read and interpret each in an integrated methodology. Using this simple approach Arthur set out to understand price action, and eventually became very successful at trading. As Arthur talked to other struggling traders, it became clear that one could not easily learn to trade by reading books or going to seminars. In 1996 Arthur started to show others his approach, following in the footsteps of his own mentor. Because the price action is an ever-changing environment, he saw the need to guide the new traders over their learning period with daily discussion of the implementation of the methods to the current day’s price action. This evolved into a daily step-by-step approach in an emersion program, and Arthur became known as The Trading Tutor. The Internet has provided a delivery system to communicate with traders worldwide... and thus The Trading Tutor Course was born.

Before becoming involved in trading Arthur had successful careers as the CFO of a Fortune 500 company, and in other diverse areas such as Real Estate, SCUBA diving instruction and the Air Force.

In April 1999 Arthur retired from full-time trading and teaching to spend more time with his wife, turning the Trading Tutor Course management over to his long-time associate, Michael Charness. Arthur returned to Trading Tutor in October 2003.

Craig Carlson

Craig Carlson became interested in futures in the late 1980's. After running a successful commercial photography studio for several years, he realized it would be difficult to expand the earning potential of the studio. A friend directed him to an opportunity trading silver futures. Even though the investment itself turned sour, Craig had found a way in futures to multiply his efforts by leveraging "other peoples' money." That led to a long part-time study of the futures markets. He studied with several successful traders over the ensuing years and at times traded very large positions in the S&P and various commodities. He purchased systems and traded a number of different strategies, but Craig was still hoping to find someone to help him more with day trading Finally, through the recommendation of a friend, Craig found Arthur in late 2003. A phone call quickly revealed that Arthur could help him realize his goals. That has led to a very positive long-term working relationship. In 2006, Arthur was briefly unable to do the Pre-Market Report because of a scheduling conflict. Craig stepped in to help and has been writing the report ever since. Craig's work has attracted many traders to the Pre-Market Report in recent months.

Michael Charness

Michael Charness has been trading futures since early 1994 using a variety of fundamental and technical analysis techniques and systems, and traded stocks before that. He is an accomplished Easy-Language programmer and has implemented a number of methodologies into proprietary TradeStation and SuperCharts indicators and systems. In addition to daytrading the S&P, he has experience and strengths in position trading, options, and daytrading the treasury instruments.

Mike worked with Arthur for almost three years before Arthur’s retirement, and believes that Arthur has done the most outstanding job of integrating “the best of the best” into an easy to understand and implement approach compared with anything Mike had been exposed to in daytrading. When Mike first started with Arthur in 1996, after studying and paper-trading his techniques for a couple of months while continuing his other trading, Mike took his first “real-money” implementation of a Trading Tutor trade, and that very first trade put money in the bank.

When Arthur returned to The Trading Tutor in October 2003, Mike chose to stay on as the course Administrator and provide member services and support.

Michael has a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from the University of Phoenix, and a Masters in Business Administration earned from the University of Southern California. His pre-trading career has included over 20 years in industry, most of which were in senior/executive management positions.

Although not registered as a CTA, in February of 1999 he successfully passed the Series 3 exam with the thought that he’d like to be able to use his skill and success to help others. Regarding Arthur asking if he would be willing to take over the ongoing mentoring of students while Arthur took time off, Mike says “I’ve enjoyed working with Arthur over the years, and helping many of his students along the way. They’re big shoes to fill, but I am very pleased to be able to continue in Arthur’s footsteps as The Trading Tutor to help people implement his methods and learn the art of daytrading.”

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