Day Trading Here is what we can do:
I trade almost every trading day. Each day I will send you a written Daily Commentary containing my thoughts and observations and my trades for that day marked with an explanation or commentary of all entry setups/signals and the guidelines for each. The written commentary will include the “why”, and where low-risk stops were placed, moved etc. As you become clear on each subject and understand its application within the context of the actual price action. We will always work to make certain you understand. We explain it in writing and then cover the entire day again during a Video Commentary recording session so you can attend and ask questions as we go.

There is also a S&P Pre-Market Report that comes out the day before that includes a technical analysis of several S&P charts and gives you insight into the trends, support and resistance zones of the day's price action. Before the open each day the S&P PMR Up Date is sent to your e-mail address that gives you our view of what might be expected today. The Pre-Market Report is a lesson in what you need to know about current market activity. It is also a daily lesson in technical analysis. This is just the start.

The Daily Commentary is in written form as well as Video format. The Video is so large I post it on the website so you can review it any time you like and it contains more explanation. This will also include a through explanation of all the price action and what signals, stops, support and resistance zones have impacts on the trade. We discuss some more aggress as well as conservative approach to the entry . But we make sure you understand why this was a buy or sell signal. And how to enter the trade with controlled risk. I explain what I might have overlooked and why the prevailing market conditions pointed to that trade. I'll show you my stops, my targets, where my stops were places and why and where I might have exited the move or reversed. All of the methods and techniques we apply have been explained in the Manual and Supplements to the manual.

You will always be invited to take part in the Video Commentary recording so you can ask questions and be part of the discussion.

This program shows you how to read the price action and how to trade it with a low risk.

Forget buying “black box” systems
Forget subscribing to a “secret signal” service
Forget “New Age” techniques

If you’d rather buy a mechanical “system”, this isn’t for you. But if you’re like most commodities traders, you’ve already spent thousands of dollars on systems that may have looked good with historical equity curves based on hypothetical results, only to find that they don’t work as well going forward as they have in back testing, or they require you to be willing to drop $5000, $7000 or more in loss on a single trade, absorb big draw downs, have to wait all day without having a clue as to where or when it might trigger a signal... and even if a mechanical system works for awhile, the market changes (just look at the choppiness of this last summer) and you’re in a losing streak with no understanding of why the system isn’t working anymore. I’ve traded mechanical systems, but I don't anymore. I know your frustration. This is a better way!

If you really want to learn how to read the price action in any market, apply low risk methods and you are willing to put in the time to learn and understand, here is the place to start. We give you time-tested knowledge and time-tested techniques.

Each step, you will “simulate the trade” with NO RISK. You can join in the Video recording session where you will have the opportunity to ask questions during the session where I can show you the where and why. If you can't attend the video recording session you can still communicate with me via e-mail or telephone and we can always return to the Commentary charts for a private conversation on line. I will be your teacher, guide, mentor and coach so I want you to understand. We can discuss your results and I can give you feedback where appropriate. I will do my best to make each concept clear and show you how and when to apply each.

On the very first day you will see how you can place your buy and sell orders. You will learn logic on how, where and why to place your initial low risk Stop/loss orders. I will discuss with you methodologies of how and where to move your trailing stops to lock in profit as soon as it is wise to do so. I will be your private tutor and consultant.

Day Trading Before we begin the program, I will send to you the Manual and Chart setup instructions with indicator settings so you can create charts like I use and suggest basic trading rules and “why” for everything. The Manual has a self study guide to help you get ready to read price action. When the price action provides an important learning experience, I will tell you what I saw, and how we can benefit from the same kind of action and patterns in the future. The learning experience will be guided by how the market unfolds each day and the lessons it offers. Not a lot of theory, but ways to implement real world trading with the opportunity of real world profit.

I encourage you not to risk your money on any trades until you understand why and have trained your eyes to see them consistently. I want you to wait until you are personally satisfied and ready to apply what you have learned. We are learning to read price action, though we also use some mathematical indicators via trading package software such as TradeStation to help us assess certain conditions, which historically help in finding patterns which are more dependable in predicting possible price follow through. Most of the methods and techniques I will show you can be used in any market once you know about the structure of that market and how it works.

Free Trade Report Free Trade Report

Day Trading

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