Learning to Day Trade
the S&P 500 eMini Futures Contracts


You are obviously thinking of Day Trading or you wouldn't be here. We have been teaching Day Trading for well over 17 years. We are offering to be your Day Trading mentor, coach and tutor. The course we offer is very engaging and intense. This is not a self study program. We want to meet with you every trading day and show you how we read the market action and traded it every day. We trade the S&P 500 e-Mini and you can join us and other students as we record the interactive Daily Video Commentary beginning about 30 minutes after the close, each day. We show you the direction to trade, the kind of entry, stop placement, targets and how to use support and resistance zones, plus other chart characteristics and trading techniques. If you can't meet with us each day you will still be able to review the recorded interactive Video Commentary on your own and listen to the questions and answers as we discuss the day's trading activity with other traders in the course. Once your simulated trading is profitable you will be able to trade the S&P 500, Dow Futures, NASDAQ and Russell 2000 as well as many other markets.

We are with you all the way through. We share all our knowledge with you. If you want a Coach who works with you each day to help you get started on the path to profitable Day Trading then please read on.

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We have a very comprehensive trading Manual that covers the exact methods and techniques we apply and we want you to have that first. Take a look at the Manual here. The cost of the Manual and get started tools and audio lectures are covered in the initial tuition. There will be time for you to read through it and digest the scores of concepts and facts that will make you a profitable trader. After the first 2 weeks with the Manual if you think this course is not for you then we offer you a 100% refund of your initial tuition, no questions asked. What can you lose? See the Cost and Guarantee for the details.

Please read through the pages that follow and then be in touch with any questions. We know you want a course where there is a personal mentor to help you at every stage. You are never left to figure it out by yourself. Get started soon.

Arthur Ullrich the Trading Tutor

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