Tuition Cost Guarantee Tuition Cost and Satisfaction Guarantee.

As of August 2010 the tuition is reduced to $599.00 through 2011. We will pay the shipping cost to all US addresses. This includes the full, printed Course Manual now about 400 pages shipped by Priority Mail for all US addresses. This will have the Manual in your hands within about 3 business days. Outside the US shipping cost will apply but you will have an opportunity to approve cost first. The manual will be shipped via Express International Mail; shipping and handling costs will vary by country and will be quoted on enrollment. Express mail will get the Manual to you in 5-6 business days almost anywhere in the world. Credit cards are accepted. (Go to Sign-Up Page)

You will have time to review the manual for up to 14 days. When you tell us you are ready, you will start receiving Daily Commentary for 2 full months as part of your initial subscription. This is where you will learn to apply the techniques, methods and signals from the manual to the real market each day. You will also expect to receive additional pages of more proprietary material that is now available as a Supplement to the basic manual and as developed while you are current in the course.

The Commentary is still produced every trading day. Since January 2010 The Commentary is both Video and written. All students in the course are invited to attend the Video recording session each trading day and encouraged to ask questions. The Videos are posted on the web site and all active students have access to the Videos as soon as they are posted after the Daily Video Commentary recording session.

There is no risk...Within the 14 days after receiving the Manual, if you are not satisfied for any reason, let me know and your entire tuition will be refunded upon return of the Manual in reusable condition.

When you join the course, in addition to the Manual, I will post a full months back commentary on the web site for your review to help you get up to speed. You would have the Manual 14 days and access to a full month's commentary. If you think the course is not for you, keep the written Commentary and return the Manual for a full refund.

No questions asked. WHAT CAN YOU LOSE ?

I expect you will see the value of the program in those first few days and remain in the course for awhile. Once you are ready to begin the course you will receive access to the Student Page where there are many days of current Video and written Commentary. You will have access to Video Commentary plus over 40 Video and Audio Lessons.. There are many pages of Trading Tips available for your review. You get all these benefits included in your original $599 fee.

After the first 2 months if you wish to continue in the course and continue to have access to the Video Daily Commentary plus the Written Daily Commentary, the tuition will be $335 per full month for as long as you wish to participate. Depending on your experience level, let me suggest here that you may wish to remain in the program for several months, though that is certainly your decision. . After 9 continuous months in the program as a paying subscriber, a special reduced tuition rate of $335 for a two-month period will apply.

You will always have Tuition Protection as long as you remain current in the Course. All programs increase the tuition sometime, but yours will be locked at your entry level. Once in the program you will never be asked to pay more.

If you are a returning student regardless of how long you have been away you will pay only $670 for the next 4 months and you will ship you a current Manual as soon as you join. You will also receive access to all the Commentary and Lessons posted on the web site and all the new software tools that are being provided to new students. We will bring you up to date right from the start.

If you have any questions about this, please feel free to e-mail Arthur Ullrich at

Free Trade Report Free Trade Report

Free Trade Report

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